Structuring and establishing Indonesian legal entities will be a service of our firm. To the possible extent, the structure will always be created by the firm by strongly appreciate of commercial aspect as provided by its client. For example integration among domestic and overseas need of its client. In this stage the firms will assist its client beside to draft share holder agreement, management agreement, technical assistant agreement, article association of the company, the firm will also prepare to handle applications for investment approvals, business permits.

In the case of the foreign investment company or the domestic company which will employ expatriate the firm also tender its service to handle work permit and temporary stay permit of such expatriate.

In merger and acquisition, the transaction shall always be completed in an extremely tight deadline. Failing to do so, the flavor of surprise in merger & aquisition, especially in a hostile take over, will lost. In merger and acquisition, the firm will provide advice on methods of structuring and financing the acquisitions and obligations under Indonesian company law. In addition to these services, the firm will also prepare acquisition and shareholder agreement.

Securities advice work will include advising on Indonesian Company Law and prevailing rules and regulations of Capital Market. The firm will also assist its client in compliance with the regulatory obligations. Further, advising directors, komisaris, and shareholders of a company on their rights, obligations, and remedies.

Capital Raising. Service in this field include documenting all forms of private and public raisings, company laws obligations including prospectus obligations, due diligence and advising on underwriting, options, interest rate swaps and other finance methods.