The spirit of globalization which sweeps any aspect of life all over the world cannot be avoided by any society in the world. Globalization changes the structure of any traditional values and attitude of people today. Business activity, is one of important aspect of human life, gets significant change due to globalization. Business activities conducted as if there is no boundary among the countries in the world.

Globalization dictates the countries to adjust their laws and regulations with the demand of globalization. If they failed to make necessary adjustment, they may not be survived in the world trade market. In order to be survived in the globalization era, a series of sound economic policies should be designed by the government to anticipate any movement and change in business activities. The government of the Republic Indonesia has spent significant effort to adjust its policies in order to encourage its citizen to become successful player in either in domestic or international market.

Other further impact of globalization, people perception toward the manner business is conducted change. In globalization era, management of risk becomes one aspect in business that has to be observed by a business player. In the light of the management of risk, all aspects related to the business which may create risk in the future, before one take a decision, shall be well discerned. Beside that, at this moment, one shall always bear in mind that any aspect in business moves faster then before. As consequence thereof, opinion of related experts such as lawyer, business advisor, financial advisor etc should be taken into consideration before one taking certain decision in business. Failing to acquire the prudent related advices may cause unpredicted risk.

In gaining maximum benefit bestowed by globalization, a smart investor shall utilize the experienced legal counsel, in running its business, and who able to provide the client with quality services. Demarau Pangestu (DP)  is a law firm equipped with the expertise and commitment for the satisfaction of its clients which will assist its client to obtain maximum benefit of globalization. We are lawyers of DP prepare to provide a creative legal solution to its clients dealing in their business.