DP is a legal practice concentrates in corporate, commercial and financial legal matters. It includes: joint venture arrangements, banking, financial transactions, aviation, project finance, mergers and acquisitions, telecommunications, tourism, labor matters, real estate, immigration, intellectual property matters, licensing arrangement.

The firm is dedicated to provide quality services. Services satisfy the client. Services fit for purpose, delivered on time, value for money, reliable, meeting the agreed terms and conditions.

DP commits to provide integrated legal services, where under this commitment the firm will become part our client's team and will always tailor its approach in line with the need of its client. The firm will direct client requests to lawyers especially qualified for that particular need.

DP, in planning and executing clien's business, also commits to always provide practical advice and sound judgment, to diligently apply risk management concept, offer cost effective legal service. Further, for the fully benefit of its clients, the firm integrates our approach in harmonizing domestic and overseas interest of client. Additionally to our commitment we always offer alternative billing options which are suitable to the client's needs from time to time.